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Children love playing Doctors and Nurses and this Doctor's set is a great way to spark their imagination. The case comes equipped with everything your little Doctor could need to treat his/her poorly patients. The set includes 7 wooden accessories, all beautifully handmade in wood: medicine, cream, syringe, reflex hammer, stethoscope, thermometer and tongue depressor. The case is made from reinforced brown cardboard making the whole case and its contents fun and sustainable.

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The family test

Fredrika & Astrid 3 år

Well, the first thing that happened was that there was almost a fight between the siblings about who would open the bag. Oldest won, this time. The first impression of this doctor bag was that it felt realistic of very high-quality wood. Our daughter Astrid wants to become a doctor or a veterinarian, so she loved this product from the first moment she saw it. Her little brother, Albin will have to act as a laboratory rabbit many times - whether he wants to or not.

Tip! Create your own doctors uniform.

Creating your own play doctor's uniform can be a fun and imaginative project for children. Start with a white lab coat (use a white t-shirt or a shirt that you already have in your wardrobe). Click the button below to download fun accessories; hat, ID badge and doctors office signs to print out.


Encourage your kids to use their imagination to act out different medical scenarios, such as checking a patient's heartbeat or administering a pretend shot. You can also ask them questions about what they're doing and why, to help them understand the importance of nursing and healthcare. It can help children develop empathy, communication, and problem-solving skills while also fostering their imagination and creativity.

DOwnload the doctors uniform kit