A mammoth rocking horse and wooden toys in a Scandinavian design that were given as a baptism gift.

Baptism Gifts.

It can feel like a jungle when it comes to finding the perfect christening or baptism gift. But to make it a little easier, we have gathered 4 of our best shopping tips in this guide.

A wooden doll stroller wrapped with a bow to be given away as a baptism gift

1. Useful baptism gift

Be sure to choose something that they will have time to use and benefit from. Do the parents already have a room full of baby toys or décor? Well, maybe you should invest in a gift that is suitable for 1-year-olds. It is easy for parents to store and take out around the first birthday, and it won't vanish in the pile of gifts they get during the day. In addition, toys for 1-year-old are more fun to play with, for a more extended period, than toys made for newborns.


2. Safe baptism gifts

Many children love to munch on toys and throw them around. It's their way of getting to know new materials and discovering things in life. Therefore, you should make sure to buy a gift that is safety tested and can handle mischievous little fingers that can easily get caught. Wood, for example, is a durable material that lasts a long time. And with a well-thought-out design, they are also sturdy and can be inherited for generations.


3. Baptism gift with environmental thinking

There is also an environmental aspect that is important to keep in mind and is something that today's parents appreciate more and more. Several stores today mark products that have an environmental certificate of some kind. Here at Kid's Concept, several of our products are FSC®-certified. It is definitely worth buying a christening gift that is kind to the environment and feels good in the heart.


4. The cost of the baptismal gift

The cost can vary, and there are no rules on what's right or wrong. It's entirely up to decide. But since you're only baptized once in your life, it's the quality and not quantity that's matter. This is a wonderful opportunity to get together with relatives or friends to give kids room furnishings or quality toys that can live a long time. So it doesn't have to make you go broke if you are a bunch of friends who do it together.

Gift Guide for a baptism

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