Plant seeds of curiosity.


Plant seeds of curiosity.


We've got the recipe for happy, healthy kids!
It's a fact that children who spend more time outdoors exploring nature are happier, sleep better, show increased levels of concentration and creativity. Taking care of the garden together promotes children's creativity and inspires them to appreciate nature. Our products help keep the kids busy, come up with outdoor activities, and get them to spend more fun hours outdoors.

Let your kids get dirty. It’s good for them.
Did you know that dirt can make kids' immune systems stronger? By playing in the dirt, they encounter different bacteria and microbes that can help keep them healthy and strong. It also requires some muscle strength to handle soil and sand, which makes for stronger kids.


Let your child choose their favorite color and decorate the children's room with it so it truly feels like their own space in the home. However, that doesn’t mean all walls need to be painted neon orange if that’s their favorite; instead, use toys as decorations. Why not enhance the color theme in the room by hanging a kid's guitar on the wall in a matching accent color?


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Wooden toys for babies and children

At Kid’s Concept, you’ll find wooden toys for babies and children. We follow every stage of your child’s development from birth to six years of age. In our work, we put child safety first and choose durable materials, so that toys can last to be passed down from big sister to little brother. This includes everything from doll prams, cars and play tents, to rocking horses, baby gyms and comfort blankets.

At Kid’s Concept you’ll find gifts for children of different ages. Our products are appreciated asgifts for any occasion, from baby showers to children’s parties. We’d like to help create great childhood memories, as well as contribute to active play during which children can come up with imaginative role-playing games such as building a hut, playing shop, running a make-believecafé, and putting stuffed animals to bed. You’ll also find your child’s first wooden instruments and various children’s furniture, smart storage and children’s rugs to furnish a harmonious room for your baby or child.Our in-house designed products in Scandinavian style will fit into any room of your home