What type of wood do you use and where does it come from?

We use different types of wood such as MDF, schima, pinewood, plywood, rubberwood, beechwood, poplar wood. Most woods come from China.


Where are your products manufactured?

We manufacture most of our products in Asia, and in particular China and Vietnam. We collaborate with around twenty factories around China and we continuously visit our manufacturers. It is important for us to check that the factories and suppliers we work with comply with all the rules, environmental and work requirements that are set.


I would like to return a product. How do I do that?

To return a product, please contact your retailer.


If there is a production issue with the product we contact the manufacturer. All manufacturers should ensure that their toys can be identified. They do that by marking their toys with an identification marking so that they can be traced and so that the manufacturer can be contacted.


How should your furniture fabrics be cleaned?

We recommend spot cleaning on our furniture fabrics


How should your rug be cleaned?

Printed cotton rug

Vacuum and rotate the rug regularly for even wear and tear. Use rug underlay to prevent the rug from slipping.

Cleaning: always use the floor nozzle, never a rotating brush, when vacuuming the rug. Remove stains immediately for best effect.

Dry stains: remove immediately by carefully scraping at the stain. Scrape towards the middle of the stain, then vacuum.

Wet stains: absorb the stain with kitchen roll or a damp cloth and a mild detergent.

Do not rub at the stain but simply press against it with the damp cloth clean the cloth and repeat. Dry flat.

Air out the rug regularly to reduce dust and mites. Do not expose the rug to direct sunlight.

For different types of extra difficult stains there are various stain removal techniques, consult a specialist or look for information online.


We recommend professional rug cleaning services when washing the entire rug.

Smaller rugs can be machine washed in cold water using a mild detergent.

Larger rugs can be hand washed in a bathing tub or similar but remember that it will be very heavy and cannot be hung on a clothes line. Dry flat.

The rug may shrink 5-8%

Dark saturated colours in the rug may be somewhat desaturated after washing.


I’m missing a spare part. Where do I turn?

To get spare parts for our products, please contact your nearest retailer who will in turn contact us.


What are the sticks in the tent made of? Where are they produced?

The sticks are made of galvanized steel. They are made in China.


How do I know that your toys are safe for my child? How are your toys tested?

We comply with the laws and regulations applicable to toys and all of Kid's Concepts toys are tested in accordance with current security regulations within the European standard. For a toy to be approved, it must have a CE Marking. This means that the toy meets the requirements of EN71-1,2,3. It means that we comply with all the rules that apply to small parts, pinching hazards, choking hazards, dyes, flame retardancy and certain chemical substances. Before a toy comes on the market we ensure this by allowing an independent test laboratory to test that the toy complies with current safety regulations.

CE marking is for toys only!

In our range there are several items that are not toys but are sold to children. For example interior details. On these products there is no CE marking because it is not required according to the EU standard. Warning texts only exist on the products where it is required. For example products containing small parts that are not approved for children under 3 years old come with the following warning text; "WARNING! Not suitable for children under 3 years. Contains small parts, suffocation hazard".


What does CE marking mean?

That the product complies with basic requirements such as health, safety, function, environment and compliance with the prescribed control procedure.

Kid's Concept is constantly working with safety and adheres to the security requirements as they are introduced. We receive information and advice from the authorities that control the safety of toys. In Sweden there are the Consumer Agency, the Swedish Security Agency and the Chemicals Inspectorate.


Where are your products manufactured?

We manufacture most of our products in Asia, and in particular China and Vietnam. We collaborate with around twenty factories around China and we continuously visit our manufacturers. It is important for us to check that the factories and suppliers we work with comply with all the rules, environmental and work requirements that are set.


What do you do to make sure that the workers in the factories have a good working environment?

Ensuring the good work environment and working conditions of our suppliers is highly prioritized with us. All our suppliers must sign our Code of Conduct, which is part of our agreement. The Code of Conduct is based on the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the ILO (International Labor Organization) conventions on working conditions and labor rights.

Most of our factories where we have our manufacturing are controlled according to well-known initiatives such as BSCI, SEDEX, SA8000 and ICTI.


How does the supplier know how to comply with the laws?

We have laws in the EU, eg the chemical legislation REACH - where we have as a routine to inform our suppliers about relevant chemicals on the product they manufacture for us.


Does your product contain phtalates?

No, our products do not contain phtalates.


What type of color do you use on your products and is it poison-free?

We mainly use water-based colors with about 85% of our products in water-based color. Where water based color does not work, NC colour is used.


Are your textiles OEKO-tex certified?

We have some textile products in our collection that are Oeko-tex certified. However, our main goal is not certifications of various kinds but ensuring that our products meet the safety requirements of REACH legislation.


Are your products flame-retarded?

On our furniture and similar products, we do not use any treatments like flame retardants, dirt repellent or mold protection. Chemicals included in the treatment are not approved according to the “REACH” legislation


Is your melamine set BPA-free?

Yes, they are BPA-free.


I have bought your Pumkin flannel blanket. How should I know that they are safe for my child when it comes to materials, colours etc? He puts everything in his mouth right now and therefore it feels important to know.

We make sure that no prohibited dyes under the chemical legislation REACH are found in our flannel blankets.


Does your wool mat contain any flame retardants or other chemicals or toxins?

Our woolen mats are not flame retardant. We control that no chemicals that are banned according to REACH chemical legislation are found in our carpets.


Wooden toys - materials, wood colors, etc. based on environmental and poison aspects.

At some of the larger factories we have a so-called flowchart, where we know where they buy their wood and what it comes from. Our goal is that this will apply to all our factories.

We mainly use water-based colors and our goal is to have ALL of our wood products in water-based color.


Are the fabrics after-treated? Have the furniture been treated with: flame retardant, antibacterial or mold protection, dirt repellent, especially fluorinating substances or any of the substances on the EU / ECHA candidate list.

Flame retardants: No, our furniture is not treated with flame retardants

Antibacterial or mold protection: No, our furniture is not treated with any antibacterial or mold protection.

Dirt repellent, especially fluorinating substances: No, we have not requested dirt repellent treatments on our furniture.

Some of the substances on the EU / Echas candidate list: We are constantly working to monitor and control the chemicals on the candidate list.

As soon as a new chemical related to our products appears on the candidate list, we begin the work of phasing out this chemical from our products.

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