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Trust your gut

We have a meaning that guides us in everything we do: it must feel right. So if our gut tells us something else, we need to change - until it feels good again. That is why we focus a lot on the environment and creating durable products that we want to last for generations. On this page you can read more about what we do so both you and us get the best gut feeling possible.

Kid's Concept head office in Borås Sweden

12 quick facts about how we work - big and small

1. We make our products out of wood instead of plastic.
2. We sort all waste from our office and warehouse.
3. We invest in a great photographer to take many and clear product photos. This allows you to better see what you are buying, which reduces the risk of returns.
4. We donate money to environmental projects to reduce our climate impact.
5. We let our staff work from home some days a week to reduce travel.
6. We have a controller that visits the factories to ensure that the quality level is met. This reduces the risk of getting faulty products that need to be redone.
7. We have digital meetings with our factories to go through samples instead of travelling there.
8. We design our packaging completely without plastic whenever possible.
9. We pack as smart as possible to carry as little air as possible.
10. We guide our customers on how to take care of our wooden products or fix them to last a long time.
11. We have electric car charging posts at the office.
12. We continuously build up our spare parts stock so customers and resellers can replace parts instead of throwing away the product.