A 4-year-old child playing with his spa toy set he got as a birthday gift. He has wooden cucumbers over his eyes.

Gifts and toys for 4-year-olds.

Be prepared for a lot of imagination. 4-year-olds often loves to play with figures or heroes. They become more determined and like to decide the rules of the game. A 4-year-old is also becoming better at balancing and controlling their hands and feet. Doing somersaults on a play mat, dancing or building a pillow fort is often popular. In addition, they are usually more interested in numbers, letters, and planning than ever before. For example, how many knives and forks should we set the table with? Solving an alphabet puzzle and practising counting on an abacus is also fun. Educational toys for the 4-year-old are therefore a perfect match.

Gift tips for 4-year-olds

It is not always easy to know what birthday gift to buy for a 4-year-old. But there is no need to worry. We have listed a bunch of popular toys below that match well with a 4-year-old's development. Of course, all children are different, but now you’ll have some gift inspiration as a good start.

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