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Fine motor skills
Social development
Hand-to-eye coordination
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Fishing game EDVIN in FSC certified wood. The game includes a wooden fishing rod and eight figures from the EDVIN concept, each with double-sided printed figures. Magnets hidden inside every fish, and a magnet on the fishing rod that serves as bait. Take turns with the fishing rod while fishing. All set up for a good fishing tour in the Edvin forest! Get ready for a fun trip with the ladybug, Lars, the owl, Sus, the hedgehog, Stella, the bee, Bea, the fox, Meta, the butterfly, Enok, the mushroom, and the tree. The fishing game trains children's hand-eye coordination, promotes fine motor skills, and concentration. The game comes in a box with a ribbon around it. Inside the box, there are patterns of animals where you can practice placing your fishing game. Challenge each other and try to put the fish in their place in the box.