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Hospital play set

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Welcome to the ultimate health care facility in Aiden City. At the hospital, you never know which patients you will see. Fortunately, the chief surgeon Tora and the specialist nurse Cam are always ready. On the first floor, there is a curtain that can serve as a room divider. You can either use this area as a reception and examination room or use the entire floor as a garage for Aiden City's ambulance. To get up to the second floor, there is a belly-tickling stretcher lift with a turning handle that makes everything go smoothly. There are, of course, state-of-the-art instruments that, among other things, can see if your heart sounds okay. Talk about pros.

Contains: * Toy hospital * Hospital bed * Reception desk * Two patients * Two stretchers * Toy heart monitor

The family test

Sarah, Isabelle 6 & Sam 3

Sam & Isabelle are really into playing doctors, so the hospital was a dream come true for them. They have been playing with it since we got it, and there are plenty of different ways of playing with it. A car became an ambulance that have been driving both teddys and small figures to it. Many lives have, as you hear, been saved! I love that it is made of wood and not plastic – this toy will last for years!