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Ship ahoy! Here comes Captain Per with his big car ferry. He loves to take passengers between ports, back and forth, whether they come by car or on foot. He stands at the helm and presses buttons to take everyone calmly and carefully to the other side of the lake. The Aiden ferry is powered by hydrogen and fantasy fuel cells, so it leaves no pollutants in the water. It’s pretty cool, actually. The toy cars can drive in at the front and back of the wooden ferry using gangways. The gangways are held up by magnets while sailing. Pedestrians can easily enter through the sliding door on the side of the boat. There’s also a round hole between the upper and lower decks that makes it easy for passengers to get down to the cars. And if the ferry collides with a rock in the water, there’s of course room for everyone in the lifeboat. The toy ferry runs on wheels, which makes it smooth and easy to push around on carpets and floors. Contains: Car ferry, two cars, two passengers, captain, one ramp, and one lifeboat.