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Rocking horse orange red

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Did you know that the artist couple Carl and Karin Larsson had eight children? That’s why you can find both toys and rocking horses in Carl’s famous paintings. This wooden rocking horse has sturdy handles and rocking rails with anti-tipping protection for the children to sit safely. On the side of the rails, you’ll also notice Carl’s hand signature burned into the wood. A classic yet modern rocking horse with many connections to Karin’s design style. Modernistic and straightforward with a twist. The square design and colour of the legs is inspired by her modernistic rocking chair. A lot of furniture in their dining room also has this fantastic red-orange shade. The tying method through a hole used for the rocking horse’s tail has been inspired by her textiles from their home in Dalarna. Karin often put pompoms and fringes on her canvases in exactly this way.

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