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Ludo game

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Let’s play Ludo game! Pick your favorite color of your team of the animal figures from our EDVIN concept with inspiration from Swedish forest animals, and challenge everyone who dares. Depending on the player this game can practice the delicate skill of waiting on your turn or how to act like a winner or a looser. For others, it practices the understanding of predictability, problem-solving and strategizing. Alright, buckle up! this a board game that engages all ages. The game is played by up to four players, each with four animal figures from our EDVIN concept.

Here's the goal, besides having a ton of fun: You're going to move all your figures, in the same color, from the starting area to the divine finish area by rolling a die. The board looks like a star with four arms leading to a central fortress of victory! And when we say, "starting area," we mean "spider's nest," and when we say, "finish area," we mean "strawberry field"!

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