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A wooden doll's bed with wheels with four-leaf clovers cut out at the short ends. The two-faced printed pattern bed set, where the sheet and duvet are joined together and includes a pillow, is in cotton. The stripe and a check pattern are inspired by the life of Carl and Karin Larsson and their way of colouring their home where the checkered and stripy patterns are commonly used as base patterns. The small four-leaf-clover- groove is inspired by wall paintings and patterns found in their home. Both have the same bed set in a muted neutral yellow tone. The bed set have different patterns on each side - a square and stripe pattern that get a nice effect when combined. Carl and Karin Larsson; The four-leaf clover is a popular decoration on walls and furniture at Lilla Hyttnäs. There is even a special wall painting where four of the children are depicted in exactly one four-leaf clover. We like it so much, that we chose to let it become a signature for the entire collection, and everyone knows that the four-leaf clover brings good luck to its owner! Lotta Hallenius, our designer; The four-leaf clover is a shape I have seen in many details around their home like wall paintings and embroidered details. So this shape became a graphic symbol for our Carl Larsson collection. It can act as a symbol of the family with children -no matter how the family looks like.