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Music board

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CE marked
FSC certified
Auditive learning
Hand-to-eye coordination
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Music board in FSC-certified wood. A toy instrument for the baby that features four different instruments: a xylophone, a mini cymbal, a drum, and a guiro. You'll find everything related to rhythm here, well, maybe not everything, but a lot. Fun sounds to discover and play with, creating different tunes together with the child. The small feet under the board help raise it slightly off the floor for better sound. Introducing children to music and musical instruments at an early age can have many benefits for their development and learning. By experimenting with sounds and rhythms on the music board, the child can stimulate their hearing and develop their sensory perception. They can learn to distinguish different sounds and explore how sounds are created using different instruments. By attempting to play melodies or repeat rhythms, the child can exercise their cognitive abilities and attention.