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Bed Snake Meta

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The cuddly long pillow in the shape of our earthworm Meta is a functional item with multiuse. It can work as a cuddly long soft toy or a cozy sleeping nest for the baby. Use it for infants as a soft and cozy cot “lining” to make it softer, cuddlier and a safer cozy place inside the crib or a cot. Use it as an armrest support during breastfeeding, bottle feeding or as a pregnancy pillow. The long pillow can be arranged in a circle or whatever suits the occasion. When the child gets bigger, it can be used as a safe and cuddly soft toy on the sofa or in bed. Use as a soft protection and support when the child gets a larger bed and perhaps when the child falls asleep in the car.

Let Meta help your baby to better sleep

One of the advantages of a sleep snake is its versatility. They can be bent and shaped in different ways to suit your child's individual needs. Sleep snakes are perfect for children who move a lot during sleep. Instead of turning the entire pillow, you can simply pull the sleep snake to the right position and continue sleeping. It's like having a personal pillow that always adapts to you. So if you want a soft and cuddly companion that can give you comfort and help you sleep better, consider adding a sleep snake to your child's bed and cuddling with it!

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