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Toy city blocks

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Enter the modern city of Aiden - inspired by green city projects all over the world. The electrical power is generated both from the solar panels and windmills that give the city all the energy needed. Let green fields and trees grow combined with the simplicity of cubic shaped houses. You can either place the large houses as high-rise buildings or use them as low rises. Combine and place the green and white plates between the blocks to get balconies, roads, or all green parkways. Start a cultivating area on the white balcony - and pretend to grow your veggies from home. The box contains five large houses, five small houses, three birch trees, five pine trees, and one wind turbine. One green "bush", one natural factory roof, two grass/corner pieces, six grass parkways, four white balconies or roads, and three water pieces.

Green City - Our children's future

Green City is a vision of a sustainable future for our cities, where people and the planet can coexist in harmony. It is an important goal that has grown in popularity as people have begun to realize that our way of living and consuming has a direct impact on the environment and climate. Green City, however, is more than just an idea - it is a commitment that we can all take on.

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