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Recycling station

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The recycling activity in Aiden is high. Moa, the recycle engineer is both handling the daily work with the truck at the recycling station as well as making sure that the citizens find their way in the station. The self-pointed recycling expert Nisse is here every week and lives close-by. Always with new fresh ideas how to recycle better and easier. The set includes • A recycling truck with room for different kind of items to be recycled. • 17 pieces of printed wooden "garbage cards", • One consumer recycling station. • One recycling truck with room for some cards at the back + the driver Moa. • One private car with the driver Nisse. • Truck recycling station with a scale. (When turning the orange button - it is a click sound) • A consumer recycling station for both clothes, bottles, and cans.

Green City - Our children's future

Green City is a vision of a sustainable future for our cities, where people and the planet can coexist in harmony. It is an important goal that has grown in popularity as people have begun to realize that our way of living and consuming has a direct impact on the environment and climate. Green City, however, is more than just an idea - it is a commitment that we can all take on.

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