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Give a big wave to LaCilla - the soft toy that helps to save the planet. She is part of the MicroNeo gang, which are the smallest species here in Neoland. But even though she is small, she makes a big difference. LaCilla is a specialist in breaking down the food we eat into smaller parts, making it easier for us to absorb the nutrients. This little pink wonder also makes the food tastier than usual. A living proof that you do not have to be big to be cool.

This plushie is made of soft cotton jersey and doesn’t have any sharp zipper. A happy figure with different patterns on the front and back and is just as lovely to have as decoration as it is cosy to hug. On the sides, you will also find three soft flaps and strings hanging out. Great for little fingers that need something to play with. It can be easily washed at 30 degrees in a machine and flat dried before she’s ready to be hugged again.

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