The packaging of Kid's Concept's soft toy Otto

Our packaging.

We don’t just want our packaging to look nice on a store shelf or protect the product when you shop online. We want to take it a step further. Here you’ll find four examples of how we develop our packaging to decrease our environmental impact.

Did you know?

One. It’s not just the kids who get to puzzle and build with Kid’s Concept products. Our suppliers and we at Kid’s work hard to stack and plan all the parts in our boxes. All to minimize the air so that they don’t become unnecessarily large. Smaller package size = Fewer transport vehicles, from the factories to our end customer = Better for the environment.

Two. We work to exclude unnecessary plastic in our boxes gradually. For some packages, we can remove it altogether. We also keep our eyes open to find new, renewable materials that can replace our plastic.

Three. Most of our product packaging consists of cardboard or paper that is easy for you to recycle. If we need different materials, there are almost always separate parts to easily sort them correctly.

Four. Did you know that some of our products come in a textile bag? So instead of just using materials that go directly to recycling, you as a customer can reuse the bag for other things. Why not pack some toys and keep them in your diaper bag? Or maybe use it as a shoe bag for the kids when it’s time to travel?

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