Supply chain.

At Kid’s Concept we are proud of our supply chain partners that take incredible pride in their craftmanship and high quality work. We share common values and often a long history of cooperation.

Did you know?

It is part of our sustainability work to improve the social conditions and minimise our environmental impact in our supply chain. We want human rights to be respected, labour standards to be high and the environment to be protected. The Kid’s Concept team has many years of experience with sourcing throughout the world and we know that high standards takes systematic and hard work.

This is how we seek to live up to our commitments:

  • We work with few suppliers based on long term relationships

  • We seek to be very present in the factories

  • We request detailed transparency on social and environmental conditions

  • We conduct systematic Due Diligence of our entire supply chain

  • We work with our suppliers on improvements

Our suppliers are based in China, India, Sweden and Eastern Europe.  We have worked with the vast majority of our suppliers, and some from when we started in 2007. We have always prioritized to know our suppliers well and on a personal level. That is possible because we have a local quality management team based in Hong Kong. They are dedicated to visit the factories and work with them to make sure that our high quality standards and our focus on good social and environmental standards are ensured.

We work with a Supplier's Guide that defines all the requirements a factory must meet to be able to deliver to Kid's Concept. It defines our principles on human rights and labour conditions, as well as requirements for chemical and environmental management. 97% of our suppliers have signed our Supplier’s Guide.

This spring we developed a Kid’s Concept guideline for conducting Due Diligence in our Supply Chain according to the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for responsible business conduct. We made a detailed social and environmental risk analysis based on country of production, the product produced for example toy made of cotton or furniture made of wood, and the production step for our entire supply chain. We then mapped our existing supplier audits and evaluations against the identified risks. This resulted in a list of prioritized improvement initiatives that we will focus on in the coming years.

With our Due Diligence guideline, all suppliers categorized as risk suppliers must have a valid social audit conducted by an external auditor assessing if the supplier lives up to our principles on human rights and labour conditions. In 2021 93% of our suppliers had a valid and acceptable good audit from Amfori BSCI. Amfori is a recognized international business association for open and sustainable trade. The Amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) offers independent audits monitoring compliance with every principle in our Supplier’s Guide.

Due Diligence Guidance.

With respect to environmental protection all our wood is living up to the EU Timber Regulation preventing trade of illegally harvested timber with 42% of our wood being FSC certified and thereby documenting that it is sourced from sustainable managed forests with good social conditions.

 The BSCI also verifies that our suppliers live up to all legal requirements regarding environmental protection. However, our Due Diligence has shown us that we want to go further than this. In the coming years we will work closer with our suppliers on improving their environmental impact with focus on reduction of fossil energy use, CO2 emissions and water consumption.

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