How do we make sure the toy is safe?

Before we sell a toy, we make sure that the toy meets all safety requirements within Sweden and Europe. We do this by having a laboratory test all the toys in our assortment. The most common test standards, that cover all toys are:

- EN 71-1: Mechanical and physical safety. With the help of this standard, the physical safety of the toy is ensured, for example, that no small parts that could pose a choking hazard, can become detached from the toy.

- EN 71-2: Flammability of toys. This standard tests flammability and burning rate.

- EN 71-3: Migration of certain elements. This standard ensures that no harmful chemicals can come into contact with the child during play, not even if the child sucks or bites the toy.

- EN 71-9: Organic chemicals. This standard ensures that the toy does not contain any harmful chemicals such as Formaldehyde or flame retardants.

Once the toy has been tested in the laboratory and approved on all points, it gets CE marked. So when you see a CE marked toy here with us, you know that it meets all the requirements above.

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