A newborn baby resting from all the new experiences in a bed with her pacifier and a blanket next to them.

The stages of child development

Fascinating and fun things happen in the first years of a child's life. Everything from motor development, which stands for movement, to cognitive development, which is about thinking, solving problems, and memorizing things. It's an incredible feeling to see your child or grandchild take their first steps or manage to figure out how to get the puzzle piece in the right place. That is why we have enlisted the help of Benita Hammarström, who is a specialist nurse in health and medical care for children and young people. Here she goes through and teaches you a lot about the developmental stages in children between 0-6 years.

0-1 year1-2 years2-3 years3-4 years4-5 years5-6 years

Match the toy with the child's interest

All children mature at different rates and have different interests, but they usually follow the same steps. Therefore, based on the developmental stages above, we have collected toys that match the developmental stages. What should you consider when it comes to buying toys for a newborn baby? And what kind of toys are suitable for my child who will be 4 years old?

Gift guide for different ages
A newborn baby sleeping next to her baby gift matching the kid's age.