Crib bamboo

Perfect for your new born, the bamboo crib has a gentle rocking motion to settle your baby to sleep. Made in bamboo and and coated with matte water based lacquer. The crib is easily accessible for you to swing by hand when you are in bed yourself The rocking mechanism can also be locked so that the crib can be used in a static position whenever you need. Simple, durable design and construction, with a solid head and foot board. With the natural bamboo wood it coordinates well in any room type and gives it a peaceful The crib conforms to EN 1130 -1 safety standards.ambiance.

Article number 1000255
Concept Bamboo
Rec. age months+ 0
Color Nature
Length in cm 105
Width in cm 52
Height in cm 83
Number of parts (mounted) 1
Net Weight (g) 16000
Material Bamboo

Warning! When a child is able to sit, kneel or to pull itself up, the crib/cradle shall not be used anymore for this child Make sure that all screws and assembly fittings are tightened properly so they cannot trap parts of the body or clothing (strings or ribbons etc.) and pose a risk of strangulation. Check that all screws and fittings are tight on a regular basis. Only a suitable competent adult must assemble the crib. Do not use the crib if it is broken During assembly, keep all small parts away from small children. Do not use the body of the crib without the bed frame. Do not use a thicker mattress so it exceeds the level marked “MAX“ – placed inside the crib. Do not use the crib close to sources of heat, such as bar fires or gas fires. The crib must be placed on a horizontal floor. Young children must not be allowed to play unsupervised in the vicinity of the crib. The crib must be locked when a baby is unsupervised in it.

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