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The Ahlström Family

Here we are, the Ahlström family! Our family consists of Isabelle, 6 years old, Sam, 4 years old, mother Sarah and father Jacob. We live just outside Gothenburg in a villa where toys are spread in every single room, except in the playroom. Isn't it a mystery why toys become more fun to play with outside the playroom?! At our home, it's all about playing doctor, lego and café that counts. The mother in the family tries to make sure that the toys are safe, durable and stylish and also have a love for decorating the kid's room, as this is where you can let your imagination run wild.

A kid playing with his toy ambulance in a room with green kid's furniture
A kid playing with his toy standing on a toy chest next to light green kid's furniture

"I love color in the nursery"

We started off by putting a super nice wallpaper in our son Sam's room - but then it stopped. We didn't find the right things to go with the wallpaper until we found the shelf, cabinet and bench from the Star concept. I love colour in the children's room and the light green colour became perfect together with the wallpaper. Sam immediately filled the bench with his train track, and his cars moved up on the shelves. Sam loves the furniture because it is at his height and I love them because they are so nice and solid. Win-win!

"An ambulance..."

... shouted the four-year-old and has, since he got it, driven countless patients to the hospital. The figures that comes with it are perfect for him to hold on to. And he carries the stretcher with the patient in and out of the ambulance most of the time. In between, he drives at top speed across the floor - the ambulance immediately became a favourite with Sam!

Our playful six-year-old got the Ludo game from the Edvin Concept as a Christmas gift, and it was a success! The game pieces are cute little animals that attract play even when we are not playing the game, at the same time as it is a very nice interior detail in the children's room.

/ Mom, Sarah

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