… you could bring me fiftytwelve toys and a stove. I know I've been a bit naughty this year but I promise to be kind from now on. My new little brother also wants Christmas presents. He chews on everything so it needs to be something that doesn’t break. Thank you!


Season news!

Have you seen that several of our top sellers now comes in new amazing colors? We have also taken the SAGA collection to a new level. Not only, are they even more stable and in a new lighter wood, they are also FSC-certified. Furniture that feels right, both in our hearts and in the room.


Top sellers in new colours - click here



Our linen baby collection is lovingly made by hand in Europe. The products are designed with personalization in mind, so they become your baby's favourite thing - something the hold close and cherish through their first years. Their durability means they can be passed down from generation to generation, and thanks to the unique qualities of our linen, their softness only grows the more they're loved over the years.


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