The story of MicroNeo

Meet our exciting new friends from Neo Land - The MicroNeos! In fact, these little ones were the very first animals to live there. The MicroNeos are so small that you need a microscope to see them. But they do great things. For example, they purify the air and make the soil more nutritious. Click on the picture to get to know all our new friends even better.

Here you go

Let's celebrate the launch of our new little friends, the MicroNeos! Get a MicroBella activity toy when you buy any toy from the new collection.



Nerve tickling news

Bring some new games to the beach or home to the cousins this summer. Who will be the master of jackstraw? And how many mice can you pick before the trap moves?



Simple and neat

Make it easy for the kids to find and sort among their favourite toys. Here you will find practical storage that can also be used as decoration.

Enjoy. Shoot. Tag. Share. #kidsconcept

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