Say hello to

the Larsson family!

We’re very proud to have given the oppurtunity to create a Carl Larsson concept. Our hope is to pass on a bit of Swedish cultural heritage to future generations, in our own way.

We wanted to make an interior and toy collection that reflects Carl and Karin Larsson’s home and at the same time coordinates to today’s kid´s rooms. Our Carl Larsson concept has a classic, timeless look using natural materials, bold colours and details from the Sundborn home.

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Get to know our new and smallest friends.

Let´s explore the forest life and get to know our new smallest friends. Bea the bee, Owe the Owl, Lars the Ladybug and My the Ant has finally landed!

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Meet the MicroNeo´s!

Did you know that our smallest friends are so small that they are almost invisible but do so much good in nature. Let's introduce our smallest mini friends They may look a little crazy, but they can do amazing things. 


With a play tent, you can bring to life imaginative exciting stories. It can be a castle one day and a restaurant the next. Discover our wide range of popular children's tents.