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Tunnel gris

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Un tunnel de jeu pour partir à l'aventure. Cachez-vous à l'intérieur ou traversez-le en rampant pour découvrir ce qui vous attend de l'autre côté. Il peut aussi servir d'entrée pour nos tentes de jeu. Pliable, facile à assembler et à ranger.

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Shanna & Henri 3 år

Why do I love it? Simply because it's a beautiful item! The soft colour is so beautiful that I really don’t mind it laying around in our living room. But if necessary, you can easily fold it up to put it away. Why my son loves it? Because it’s so fun to play with and the ideal toy for active play inside. A real big tunnel to drive through with his cars, the perfect spot for some cuddling or napping with his teddy bears and the place to hide from his mommy or daddy.