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Chariot à poupée rouge CARL LARSSON

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Come on, doll, it’s time for a picnic! Here’s a classic doll wagon from our Carl Larsson collection. The wagon is inspired by what life was like at Sundborngården in Dalarna, when Carl and Karin lived there with their eight children. The doll wagon is perfect when you want to take your doll, stuffed animals, or toys with you on a small excursion at home. This wooden doll wagon has wheels with a rubber strip that keeps things quiet and protects the floor when pushing it around the house. The front wheels can rotate, which makes it easy to steer with the wooden handle and is suitable for children aged three to six. The wagon is designed to be used indoors, but if you’d like to take it out on a small excursion, make sure to protect it from rain and moisture. Also, always keep the doll wagon inside as it’s made entirely of wood.

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