Baby sprinkle

Are you going to celebrate a mom-to-be for the second, third or even fourth time? Here you'll find some great gifting tips that are perfect for the celebration.

When the first child is expected, it is not entirely uncommon to celebrate the mother with a Baby Shower. But we also want to celebrate the little siblings when they are on their way. A "Baby Sprinkle" is a perfect way to celebrate the family's new addition.


What is a Baby Sprinkle?

What exactly is the difference between a Baby Shower vs a Baby Sprinkle? A Baby Shower is something you hold for someone who is going to have their first child, while a Baby Sprinkle is a celebration for someone who has already had children before. The biggest difference is that you as a friend or relative need to think a little extra about the choice of gift.

At a Baby Shower, it is common with gifts such as a baby nest, a stroller and a baby carrier. Instead of gifts like these, that may still be in good shape from the first child, you should focus on baby gifts that need to be renewed. The baby gym may be fully functional, but what about replacing the old baby gym figures with a new complete set? A new and fresh bite ring or a new comfort blanket is also a perfect gift for a Baby Sprinkle. We also know how much that can be spilt and dropped on a baby's play mat, so this is a really great gift as well.

Baby Sprinkle gift ideas

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