NEO – enter the stone age.

In the story about the ancient NEO land, you can meet everyone from the biggest animals; Neo the mammoth, the Dinos, the mudskippers and Lisa the bird, to the smallest ones - the MicroNeos! All the friends love their land of volcanos, pebbles and exciting trails.

In our NEO collection we combine the charcoal colours range from darkest black to lightest grey with woodgrain textures, white and pastels.

Meet our smallest heroes

Did you know that the MicroNeos are the oldest and smallest living species in Neo Land? They came here long before Neo and the other animals. In fact, without the MicroNeo, there would be no plants or animals. In the real world, they are so tiny that you need a microscope to see them. But they do great things. These small creatures have so many essential things to do. Some of them clean the air so everyone in Neo Land can breathe and get oxygen in their body. They make the soil healthier, so the plants can grow a little better, getting more nutrients. And one of the MicroNeos has the excellent task to make the food a little bit healthier. How great isn´t that?

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