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A "hub" is the center or core of something. So in the kid’s world, their hub involves their family and home, but also everything they do in their immediate surroundings. It can be a visit to the doctor or going to the store on the way home from kindergarten. That’s why we created Kid’s Hub. You’ll find playful toys in miniature versions of things they can find in and around their home. Everything from a play shop and kitchen to a tool bench and doll’s bed. In their roleplay, they can get inspired by their own hub and combine that with creativity to learn about the world around them.

Play together

We created Kid’s Hub to make room for playing together with family and friends. When playing with others, kids develop their communicational skills and practice good habits: taking care of others and themselves. So let’s do some ironing, building, or cooking together. It’s fun, educational and a great way to have some quality time with your loved ones.

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