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Decorating should be fun and easy! If you shop for toys and children's furniture within the same concept, you can be sure it matches, but with Kid's Base, you can have even more options. Here, we have gathered basic furniture, storage, and decorative details that go well with all of our other concepts. For example, you can combine the Aiden concept with a sofa from Kid's Base, or why not place your Edvin toys on our Kid's Base play mat? Now, you can easily take your child's room to the next level by mixing and matching your favorite concept with Kid's Base. Here, we have selected some of our favorites from the concept.

Playful storage

Storage is needed in every room, especially in a children's room. A well-organized storage is particularly important in a child's room as it is a way to teach your child to take care of their belongings. A good storage solution can be having shelves, baskets, and drawers that are easy for the child to reach. Storage doesn't have to be complicated and boring, it can instead be a nice decorative detail that adds a feeling to the room. Storage in your child's favorite color can become the perfect decorative detail to place all the toys in after a day of play. The storage from Kid's Base is designed to go well with products from all of our different concepts.

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Decorative toys

When decorating a child's room, toys can be a wonderful part of the decoration. It's not just functional, it can also be fun and creative. By using toys as part of the decor, you can make the room feel more personal and unique. Why not place some of your child's favorite toys on the shelves or use larger toys as an accent piece in the room? Choosing toys with different colors and patterns can also help create a lively and playful atmosphere in the room. Be creative and experiment with different ways to use toys as part of the decor in your child's room!

Furniture and decor

The furniture from Kid's Base fits in all kinds of children's rooms. Furnishing a child's room with a small sofa or a storage box chair makes it feel extra cozy and comfortable. To create even more feeling and character in a room, a cozy rug is always a good idea. In this concept, there are rugs in different colors and patterns, also designed to go well with products from all different concepts. Finally, don't forget to add some form of lighting, and voila, you have created a complete, personal, and homely child's room.

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