Gift ideas for a baby shower

What is a baby shower?

The concept of a "baby shower" is relatively new, but celebrations related to pregnancy have existed for centuries. Today's baby showers may look different depending on where you are in the world, but the name comes from "showering" the expectant mother with gifts. This is partly to celebrate that a baby is soon to arrive in the world and partly to show that you want to be involved and help out on the big journey that has now begun. Simply put, a baby shower is a nice way of saying that we will be there for you through thick and thin.

How do I find the perfect gift?

A baby shower is a traditional party that is organized to celebrate and support first-time parents in anticipation of their first child. If you have been invited to a baby shower and are unsure about what to buy as a gift for the expectant parents, there are a few things you can consider to make your choice easier.

1. Pool resources with friends and family

Pooling resources with friends and family to buy larger and more useful items that they really need is a great idea. Baby clothes can be cute and charming, but they are not always the most practical choice because the baby will quickly outgrow them. Instead, you can invest in things that are really needed and useful for a longer period of time.

2. Give a gift with a long lifespan

Think about giving a gift that can be useful for a long time. It can be anything from baby room decor to durable toys. For example, a baby gym can be played with now and used as a playmat when the baby gets older. If the expectant mother plans to have more children, it may also be smart to buy something that can be passed down, which is often appreciated by a mother!

3. Quality over quantity

Quality is always better than quantity, both for the environment and for the baby. At Kid's Concept, for example, you can find FSC-certified wooden toys that come from responsible forestry and ensure that no endangered animals and plants are affected. There are also security blankets with hypoallergenic properties. It is always appreciated to give something that has not worn on our planet and also withstands much more.

4. Safety = Security

Safety is an important factor to consider when buying gifts for a baby shower. At Kid's Concept, we prioritize safety when developing our products. We test all of our products in independent laboratories to ensure they meet safety standards and regulations. Additionally, we test them ourselves by knocking, pulling, and tugging during the testing stage of all our products. Parents can feel secure in knowing that our toys can withstand a lot of play!

Gifts for a baby shower

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