About us

A laughing litte girl in a white t-shirt and pink pants holding a wodden toy from Kid's Concept

Kid’s Concept was launched in 2007 when its founders Anna Enander, Amelie Råberg, and Johanna Backman identified a gap in the market. In 2007, there was hardly any child-sized furniture and interior furnishings available. Children’s rooms were usually furnished with a mix of “adult furniture” and decorated in a way that was practical and would last for a long time. There was no concept where toys, children’s furniture, and interior design products in the same theme could be matched together to make a harmonious child’s room. And that was the start of Kid’s Concept. With an emphasis on our own design, sustainability, and playfulness, the various concepts in co-ordinated colours emerged. By combining functional toys, practical children’s furniture, and quality Scandinavian-style interior design products in wood and in different themes, it became easier to decorate children’s rooms. It quickly became a success. The motto “Let kids be kids” has been around since the beginning.

We’d like to be involved in creating great childhood memories and to contribute to active play in which children can come up with imaginative games using our products; anything from role-playing games, where our products stimulate them to build a hut, play shop, café, put cuddly animals to bed and form their first rock band, to our small furniture being used in the living room or kitchen. The Scandinavian style often helps our children’s furniture to complement any room in the house.

Our head office and warehouse are located in Viared, in the entrepreneurial city of Borås, Sweden.

Emphasis on sustainable materials.

From the outset, the choice was made to avoid using plastic and instead focus on sustainable materials. Conscious material choices are made already at the design stage, whilst functionality and durability go hand in hand. For example, we always choose FSC-certified wood over anything else. Early on, the decision was made to make the toys more unisex. It’s important that the products are of high quality and lasting value, so they can be passed on from big sister to little brother and maybe even sold second-hand. Much of the inspiration can be found in our own old toys and second-hand shops. In our work, understanding environmental aspects is a priority, as we work for our own and future generations.

A kid's hallway with textile toy storage, cushions and shelves for kids
Lilac block colour

With a designer’s eye for detail.

Our designer, Lotta Hallenius, has an eye for detail. She enjoys exploring and trying out new things, working with different materials, and combining these with colours that are interesting to put together. A simple drawing on a piece of paper is usually where the process begins. And it always starts from a child’s perspective. The toys must be safe and functional to play with. In order to gain a mutual understanding of the quality standards that must be met, we are committed to working closely with our selected skilled suppliers, mainly in Asia and in Europe, on a long-term basis.

Every time Kid’s Concept designs a product, we do so with a focus on the harmony between sustainability and functionality. It can take anywhere from six to eighteen months for a fully tested product to reach a child’s hands.

Great responsibility.

Kid’s Concept’s products are available in our own web shop, retailers’ web shops, and physical shops in some 30 countries around the world. Europe is the largest market. We’re overjoyed that so many people like our products and that we have more than 100,000 followers on Instagram, where people share their memories and lovely pictures. Together with our talented retailers, these followers are a source of inspiration. And everyone who works at Kid’s Concept is proud of the trust and responsibility we have that enable us to continue making more products and

developing new concepts, and that we have the opportunity to reach even increasing numbers of children of all ages.

A colour block with the text "Let kids be kids."

Our fantastic journey.

Kid’s Concept has had an amazing journey over the years. Among other things, parts of the company have been sold to Sören Andreasson and Tomas Hacker, successful business people from Didriksson, and Johan Davidsson from the digitalisation company Distancify. Today, Kid’s Concept is owned by Altor-owned NOD – Network of Design. The founders Anna Enander and Amelie Råberg are still active in the company. See timeline below for more information.

A time frame of Kid's Concept's history