FSC® & Kid's Concept

Here at Kid's Concept, we’re always trying to be better than yesterday - and we can see the small changes every day. Ever since the start, we have chosen to make our toys and our interior in wood. Because wood is a renewable and beautiful material that can be repaired and repainted. And if you do it right, it's better for the planet. And that’s why you can find FSC-certified products which come from responsible forestry here at Kid’s Concept.

What is FSC?

The forest gives us clean water, fresh air and helps to slow down global warming. With responsible forestry, it is also ensured that the forest can continue with this in the long term. Forest Stewardship Council®, FSC, is an international member organization that works for the responsible use of the world's forests. These rules protect, among other things, endangered plants and animals, the future ability of the soil to bear forest and also ensure that those who work in the forest have healthy working conditions. Our goal is to reach at least 80% FSC-certified wood in our range before the end of 2022. Better for the kids and better for the planet.

Here you'll find all of our FSC certified products

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