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You do not have to be an interior designer to create a great looking playroom. In our concepts, we have collected both toys and children's furnishings that are both fun to play with and that also look fantastic together. Take a look below to see which style fits your family the best - or mix'em up.

Kid's Hub - Inspired by life.

A “hub” is the centre or heart of something. So, in a kid’s world, their hub involves their family and home, but also everything they do in their immediate surroundings. It can be a visit to the doctor or going to the store on the way home from kindergarten. That’s why we created Kid’s Hub.

You’ll find playful toys of things found in and around your home, but in miniature. There’s everything from a play shop and kitchen to a tool bench and doll’s bed.

While your children play and have fun, they learn good habits, such as how to take care of themselves and others.

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A kid's room decorated with toys from Kid's hub

Aiden - A small city with a big heart.

In the Aiden concept, there is life and movement for young and old. It’s excellent for anyone who loves speed. Ambulances, fire trucks, buses, and small cars, yes, it will never be a quiet moment. But the toys also help to train the imagination. With hospitals, service centres, and studios, many thrilling stories can unfold.

In the Aiden concept, you also get to practice fine motor skills when you puzzle the roads together, stack on the truck, or find which block should fit in the holes on the picking box. Here you can simply embark on exciting adventures with all your friends in Aiden City.

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Kid's Base - It's all

about the base.

It shouldn’t be difficult to decorate a playroom. If you shop for toys and kid’s furniture within the same concept, you can be sure that it matches. But with Kid’s Base, you can get even more opportunities. Here we have collected basic furniture, storage and interior design elements that match our other concepts. For example, you can combine the new rugs with the Neo concept. Or why not store the Edvin toys in our new canvas storage? Let’s take kids’ rooms to the next level by mixing and matching your favourite concept with Kid’s Base.

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A playroom filled with kid's furniture and rugs from the concept Kid's Base

Edvin - Tiny but

ever so important.

Our Edvin collection opens the door to a magical and fantasy-filled forest with lots of exciting animals who want to be your friend. Get to know Stella the Hedge-hog, Bo and Eda the Moose, Lo the Rabbit, Ed the Fox, Tor the Mouse, Bella and Max the Bears, and Owe and the other owls, who all live in the forest. You will also meet small creatures such as ants, bees, and bugs are important for our ecosystem. Say hello to My the Ant, Bea the Bee, and Lars the Ladybug.

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An owl rug, building block and comfort blankets in pastel colours from the concept Edvin

Neo - Explore the exciting trails of Neo land.

Our Neo story is about the ancient NeoLand. From the big animals, Neo the mammoth, the Dinos and the mudskippers, Lisa the bird to the smallest ones – the MicroNeos! All the friends love their land of volcanos, pebbles and exciting trails.

In our Neo collection, we combine charcoal colours ranging from darkest black to lightest grey with wood-grain textures, white and pastels.

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A beige playroom decorated with a kid's sofa, wooden toys and a rug from the Neo concept.

Star - A practical basic furniture line.

Our success story is now a classic – our Star furniture concept is a neutral foundation for a baby’s or kids’ room. You can add a variety of interior elements to easily make the room your own. Our new products in this series have straighter, stylish lines to suit any room of the house. Our Star concept is both attractive and practical.

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A playroom decorated with the Star concept's kid's furniture in white and wooden toys in modern colours

Saga - A practical basic furniture line.

Our furniture series Saga is manufactured in Bosnia. To enhance the Scandinavian feeling, Saga is produced from white FSC certified beech wood. The wood is lighter than conventional beech wood and has a timeless, even color and structure. The material is treated with water vapor immediately after felling to give it that lighter color. The beechwood grows and is harvested near the factory in the central and northern parts of Bosnia.

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