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Soon time for your baby to come home? It can be difficult to know what is needed at home the first time and what can be provided later on the journey. Here are some tips on how to make everyday life easier with a newborn.

Arrange a safe resting place

At night a baby usually sleeps in a crib, but it's also important to create a safe resting place during the day. Newborns like to rest snugly and wrapped up, preferably nestled in a soft blanket. A big advantage for you as a parent is if the resting place is also easy and safe to move. A baby nest is therefore a perfect alternative that you can easily place on the floor or next to you on the couch. The high, padded sides allow your baby to rest safely all day, and you can feel calm as a parent.

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Create attachment with a comfort blanket

A comfort blanket may seem like a small item, but it can really be of great significance. For many babies, the comfort blanket is a source of security and a cozy companion to hold and cuddle with. During the first few years when the baby needs comfort or closeness, a comfort blanket is indispensable and therefore quickly becomes one of the most important items. The blanket can also be a way for the baby to recognize scents from their parents. Therefore, it can be a cozy idea to have the comfort blanket close to you even when the baby is still in the womb. This way, you have infused it with your scent and made it ready for your baby to attach to when the time comes. According to many experienced parents, you can never have enough comfort blankets, even though the baby often finds their own favorite.

Prepare a play area

A play area for your baby is a great way to stimulate their curiosity when they are awake and alert. A baby gym is a perfect first toy for your baby. They are designed to stimulate your baby both mentally and physically, and can develop skills such as gross motor skills and vision. The figures encourage the baby to move and, for example, lift their head. The baby gym is also a convenient way to keep your baby entertained while you do other things nearby. Our baby gym from the Edvin concept includes the figures moose Bo, fox Edvin, hedgehog Stella, and mouse Tora.

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Make your home childproof

Making your home childproof is another important aspect to consider when preparing for a newborn. Make sure to cover electrical outlets, place toxic chemicals and dangerous objects out of reach, and secure any hazardous areas or furniture so they cannot tip over or fall on your child. It may also be helpful to consider the temperature in your home, as an optimal temperature should be between 18-21 degrees Celsius where the baby sleeps. Lastly, it is important to keep sharp objects away from your curious baby who may want to grab everything within reach. Scissors, knives, and other sharp objects should be kept in drawers or up high out of your child's reach.

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