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The rocking chair includes a removable padded seat and backrest. A brass plate with the CL logo engraved is discreetly attached at the back. We recommend placing the rocking chair on a carpet or a rug. Our own interpretation of Karin’s rocking chair is a slightly updated model with clean lines and a modern and classic touch, Her original rocking chair is an example of her forward-thinking and modern way of designing. The original model can still work beautifully in any modern home with it’s functional and simple shape - without the ”typical” ornamental design language from that time.

FRITEXT /MANUS Karin designed a s rustic rocking chair around 1900 Shape colour was very uncommon at that time Remember furniture at that time 
quite rich ornamented, curvy. Considered as a 
early example of a functionalistic furniture 
a style that started in the late 1920 and early 30´. Where you highlighted the functional aspects when you designed a furntiture 
Not the decorative This one is a modern interpretation of a rocking chair Lighter and even more simplified 
Pale yellow beige and stained red 
produced in Bosnia in our factory that makes SAGA cotton