Kid's road to creativity

Inventive little geniuses

During the first years of a child's life, an exciting development of their creativity takes place. It is a wonderful time when their imagination and ability to create blossom. Encouraging and supporting their creativity is crucial for their development as it can help to increase their self-confidence. Here are five simple tips that can help your child develop their creativity in a fun and exciting way.


Exploratory play

Children explore their environment through play and experimentation. They are curious to learn and experiment with everything around them, which helps to develop their creativity. Toys that are suitable for exploratory play are those that encourage children to use their senses and think creatively. Examples of such toys can include building blocks, toolboxes and games involving problem-solving.


Imagination and role-playing

Imagination runs wild in children, and they love to play different roles. It is often popular to play situations from the adult world, such as being a firefighter or a police officer. Role-playing helps develop their creative thinking and is an easy game to play with your child. Toys suitable for imagination and role-playing include dolls, kitchen toys and toy cars. These toys help children use their imagination and create their own stories, which in turn can promote their self-esteem.


Creative creation

Look at the little artists, they are busy creating and crafting with everything from glitter to sand! With the help of creative puzzles and building blocks, they can create their own figures. It's both a fun activity and it develops coordination and communication when creating together.



Young children develop their creativity by trying to solve problems and find solutions to challenges they encounter in their daily lives. By thinking outside the box, they can come up with innovative solutions to problems that others may not have considered. You can also combine problem-solving with teaching your child to read and count through activities such as letter puzzles and number blocks.


Collaboration and Communication

Young children can develop their creativity by working together with others and communicating their ideas. By collaborating, they can combine different ideas and develop new and exciting projects. Toys that are suitable for collaboration and communication include building blocks and games that require cooperation, such as memory games or other games where players must work together to win.

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