Get to know wonderful families, in the middle of their toddler years, and get a glimpse into their everyday lives.

The Kid's Concept Ambassador Elin Lagerquist with her two kids sitting in her lap


The Lagerquist family

Hi. My name is Elin, I am 28 years old and live in Helsingborg together with my partner and our two sons Arvid who is 4 and Frans who are 3. In our spare time, it is usually full speed. We are a family that loves to do things and bake but we are also a family that never says no to an excursion.

The Kid's Concept Ambassador Lori Vandyk with her two kids sitting next to her


The Vandyk family

Hi. I'm Lori and live in Belgium with my husband and two kids, Ellie 5 years old, and Bas 3 years old. As attachment play is important in our family, we try to support our children with magnificent toys to create their own fantasy world. Especially role play is their favourite kind of playing.

The Kid's Concept Ambassador Sarah Ahlström with her son and daughter


The Ahlström Family

Here we are, the Ahlström family! Our family consists of Isabelle, 6 years old, Sam, 4 years old, mother Sarah and father Jacob. We live just outside Gothenburg in a villa where toys are spread in every single room, except in the playroom. Isn't it a mystery why toys become more fun to play with outside the playroom?! At our home, it's all about playing doctor, lego and café that counts. The mother in the family tries to make sure that the toys are safe, durable and stylish and also have a love for decorating the kid's room, as this is where you can let your imagination run wild.