Invoice & Shipping


Your first order

Oh how exciting! In the table below, you'll find the minimum order value, excluding VAT, for your first order.
- Denmark: 500 DKK
- Norway: 10,000 NOK
- UK: 700 GBP (repeat orders: 350 GBP) 
- France: 350 EUR (repeat orders: 350 EUR) 
- EU: 900 Euro
- Global: 1000 USD

You will receive an invoice to pay before we ship your first order. After that, you are free to place orders for any amount and as often as you like. However, we reserve the right to cancel orders under 500 DKK / 500  NOK / 500 GBP / 50 EUR / 50 USD.


Company name

We’re so glad that you like Kid’s Concept, or “Sweden Concepts AB” which is the real name for our company. So don’t be scared if you get any invoices from that name. It’s still us.



As the environment is important to us at Kid's Concept, we’ll send your invoices by email. On your invoice, you’ll find all the information about where, how and when to pay. We have a default interest rate of 20%. And should there be any questions, you are more than welcome to contact our finance department.



In addition to your products, you can also find a shipping cost on your invoice. Note that the shipping cost is not visible at checkout at the moment. The shipping cost is based on the deliverable order sum and excluding VAT. Below you will find all our different levels so that you’ll have full control of your expenses. You will also be able to find this table in the shipping link at our checkout.


Shipping to Denmark

Order value between 0 - 4,999 DKK = 10% of the order value (minimum fee, 400 DKK)

Order value from 5,000 DKK = Free shipping 


Shipping to Norway

Order value between 0 - 3,999 NOK = 20% of the order value (minimum fee, 200 NOK)

Order value between 4,000 - 9,999 NOK = 12% of the order value 

Order value from 10,000 NOK = Free shipping 


Shipping to UK

Order value between 350-699 GBP = 20% of the order value 

Order value between 700-1,099 GBP= 15% of the order value 

Order value between 1,100-1,499 GBP = 10% of the order value 

Order value from 1,500 GBP = Free shipping 


Shipping to France

Order value between 350-499 EUR = 15% de la valeur de la commande 

Order value between 500-999 EUR = 10% de la valeur de la commande 

Order value from 1,000 EUR = Franco de port 



Shipping to other countries than above

Pick-up and shipping of orders have to be arranged by you as a customer.

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