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4 in a row game

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CE marked
FSC certified
Social development
Hand-to-eye coordination
Problem solving
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4-in-a-row in the CARL LARSSON concept, made of FSC certified wood. small and compact game, perfect to bring along anywhere. The classic board game has 18 beads of each color, green and light pink. It will bring much fun and develop intelligence of kids at the same time. High quality wooden game. Choose green or pink beads. When you get 4 beads in a row. Can be straight, horizontal, oblique, vertical way, once 4 in row in the same color, you will win. A tip is to make sure to have the Kids Concept logo at the bottom to avoid the beads from falling out when removing the inner game board. Perfect gift for both children and adults, promoting strategic thinking and problem-solving. At the same time as you try to get four in a row yourself, you have to watch out so that the opponent doesn't get ahead. A perfect gift for both children and adults. A beautiful decorative detail for every room in the home.

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