Japandi - How to decorate the kid's room

What is Japandi?

You have certainly not escaped the new interior design trend Japandi. The style is a hybrid of the simple, soothing Japanese look and the minimal, stylish Scandinavian design. The interior design style Japandi mixes the Scandinavian bright and neutral colours with the dark, open surfaces from Japan.

This is for you who love the stripped-down and a kid's room with few, but very thoughtful, interior details. It should give you the feeling of calmness but also open up more space to play in.


Four tips for a Japandi-inspired children's room

1. Materials with environmental thinking
Natural wood has long been a big part of both the Japanese and Scandinavian styles. So make sure to decorate the children's room with light wooden furniture, with discreet lines that can play the main role in the children's room. This gives the bedroom a stylish, uniform base that is easy to decorate and change as the children grow.

2. Quality instead of quantity
Even quantity in the Japandi rooms is inspired by environmental thinking. You should rather go for large open areas than an over-furnish the kid's room. However, this does not mean that you have to throw away all the kid's toys. Just make sure to find stylish storage options. That will make it easier to clean and create calmness in the room when it is time to sleep. But at the same time, maybe it's time to give some toys and furniture a new home with someone else? And if you need to buy something new, make sure to invest in wooden furniture and toys that are of good quality and that can be played with for a long time.

3. Think details
Both the Japanese and Scandinavian styles work with contrasts. Imagine a mix of sooty or stained details in contrast to the light wood. You can therefore easily add toys that are both fun to play with but which also serve as a nice interior detail and tie together the whole Japandi look.

4. Low furniture
What would a Japandi-inspired room be without the classic low futon? And yes, we know. You may not be able to fit a sofa bed in a small kid's room, but with our low seater sofa, you will get just as far. This will give you a statement piece of furniture and the finishing touch when it comes to decorating. In addition, low furniture gives a feeling that the room is larger than it is.

5. Plants
You often forget that you also can decorate with plants in the kid's bedrooms. And what doesn't fit better than a cherry twig, a bonsai tree or some bamboo?

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