Baby gym figure MicroNeo NEO

Meet the happy MicroNeo gang. They make everything better from an imaginary micro-level point of view – fix broken things, clean the air and even make your food healthier. This babygymset with five different figures fits our canvas and wooden baby gym. The Cotton string with velcro makes them easy to move around. Two of the figures face downwards and the green and blue figure “two” has soft rattles.

MicroBella - Head of the gang. This little fellow can clean up any dirt and residues and restore nutrients in soil. He likes to live in the soil, digging around and eating whatever comes his way. He makes the soil good and healthy again so we can grow veggies and harvest our plant food.

Belensius - Repairs anything broken in the body and keeps it in balance. Belensius keeps track of things so you feel good and healthy.

Ocapus - Helps plants grow - these guys collect a secret gas (probably nitrogen) from the air and puts it inside the plants. The plants and veggies will grow like mad and Ocapus has a cosy home in the soil by the plants. This mutually beneficial partnership is called a symbiotic relationship.

LaCilla - The pink wonder LaCilla makes all kind of food more healthy and delicious by breaking down the food into smaller parts so the body can benefit from the nutrients. What’s more, the taste becomes simply wonderful.

ChloroBo - The green fellow that crawls around and makes the air clean again. ChloroBo especially likes polluted air and eats any carbon dioxide. A must in any room

Article number 1000594
EAN 7340028731382
Concept Neo
Rec. age months+ 0M+
Color Multi
Length in cm 13
Width in cm 8
Height in cm 4
Other dimensions LaCilla: 13x8 cm. MicroBella: 13x12 cm. ChloroBo: 11x6 cm. Ocapus: 13x8 cm. Belensius: 14x7 cm. String: 20 cm.
Number of parts (mounted) 5
Functions Rattle sound in two of the baby gym figures. Velcro at the ribbon for attaching the figures.
Net Weight (g) 125
Material 100% Cotton/100% Polyester/Polystyrene
Material Description Textile, string: Cotton. Filling, velcro: Polyester. Rattle: PS.

Washing instructions:
40℃ gentle cycle/Do not tumble dry

The product is child safe. Warning! Never leave your baby unattended with the toy. Remove the wrapping and packaging before giving the product to a child. Retain the information and the address for future reference.



NEO – enter the stone age.

In the story about the ancient NEO land, you can meet everyone from the biggest animals; Neo the mammoth, the Dinos, the mudskippers and Lisa the bird, to the smallest ones - the MicroNeos! All the friends love their land of volcanos, pebbles and exciting trails.

In our NEO collection we combine the charcoal colours range from darkest black to lightest grey with woodgrain textures, white and pastels.
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