SAGA - timeless furniture in Scandinavian design

Our Saga furnitures provides a neutral base for the kid's room. By adding or replacing other interior details, you can easily change the feel of the room. Storage in the playroom is very important, as toys and games can easily put the room in chaos. The clothes rack keeps clothes and shoes in order. And the spacious chest is both seating and storage. All toys can be easily stowed away for the night and taken out again the next day for more play!

Made in Europe

We took SAGA to the next level. The entire furniture series is now manufactured in Bosnia. And to bring out the Scandinavian feeling, it's made in white FSC® certified beach wood. This wood is lighter than conventional beech wood with a nice, even color and structure. To give the material the lighter color, it is treated with water vapor, immediately after felling. The wood grows and is harvested near the factory, in the central and northern parts of Bosnia.

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