BISTRO – for the little masterchefs.

We’ve designed a series of products for little bakers and master chefs who just love to imitate us adults when we bake, cook, go shopping and enjoy culinary creations. This popular series is jam-packed with play food and accessories so that your little ones can play along and imitate the things that they see us adults doing every day.

Sow seeds of change.

Let your child get involved in planting, growing vegetables, and picking berries and fruit. By sowing the seeds of change early on, you can teach your child the importance of a circular lifestyle and looking after our environment.

SWEDISH FIKA [ fee:kah ].

Traditionally, a classic “kafferep” was a “fika-party” served at home with guests in the afternoon. The coffee was served with at least seven different kind of shortbreads cakes and biscuits like Syltkaka, Schackruta, Semla, Finsk pinne, Brysselkex, Dammsugare and of course the best one - Kanelbulle (Cinnamon Bun).



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