Aiden - do the city life.

Take the bus home after work, and take the elevator up to the pool for a refreshing dip. A few backflips into the cooling water. The heat up on the roof is intense. Roll down the sun shade and chill out in the shade. Then take the elevator down to the kitchen and cook up a tasty dinner on the induction hob. Oh no! Look at all the rubbish left after dinner! What do we do with it all? Quickly build a road to the house so that the waiting rubbish truck can take care of all the rubbish. The rubbish truck lifts the bins and quickly sorts the metal, glass, paper, and green waste. A roaring start, and then it’s gone. Take the elevator back up and snooze on the sofa. An ordinary day in Aiden city.

Cool, fast and practical.

These wooden cars in natural-coloured rubber wood have a beautifully simple and clean look. The cool cabriolet, the fast sport car and the practical pick-up with a small trailer are great playmates for our Aiden play rugs

Both playful and stylish.

The Aiden interior and toy collection captures our modern city life. With cars, buses and trucks inspired by Swedish automotive industry. Create your own city with the play rug and wooden city blocks. Developing coordination, along with imagination as automative play can be fun and playful city mood in the kid´s room.

Create your AIDEN room

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